A Console Tv, Most of the 1970 and 1980 kid grow with these Tv sets which is a huge tv set with sound component properly embedded in woden case its bulky set but in fashion in early time but they eventually get obsolete due to increasing popularity of modern Tv.

What is CRT Tv?

A Console Tv is basically a type of Cathode Ray Tube which in most popular in the early days, CRT basically contains a vacuum chamber with an electron gun and phosphorescent screen to project or display images.

What is Console Tv?

The console tv is CRT Television set which is kind of popular in 1980 it’s an all in one package contain both Tv and speaker in a same wooden case which distinguished it from other TV sets at that era

A Console Tv form its special identity in early days with non-removabel factory-made CRT sets accompanied with speaker properly fitted in a wooden case which bulky from today’s viewpoint but in that era, it’s trendy and expensive too

A Console Tv is a piece of past news now they are manufactured and used till early 2000 but everything has to evolve so the Tv industry

Now these TVs are not manufactured any more but some people still have these tv set as memory or as a collector

These TVs are well-suited until 30 inches and due to increasing craze of larger but not bulky sets the popularity of console tv decrease rapidly in 1980

A console tv is first found and mainly used in the United States of America and Canada

A Console Tv is designed as a rectangular case to hold record player and radio as a core system but in mid-1970 the radiogram decrease in popularity due to rise of HIFI sound system which also negatively affect console tv in that era

These tv sets have a cuboid shape which packs Tv set and radio in wooden case but there is the addition of new feature after several years of the launch is the eight-track player

An eight-track player a magnetic tech sound recording device which is at high in the USA in the early era is contained eight-track cartilage

it is so popular in the 1970s to 1980 but the thing had to change write everything had to upgrade with time that’s life isn’t it which is popular at that era doesn’t mean popular in today’s time like console tv replaced with led tv and eight-track player replaced with compact cassette format which took over in the 1980s.

The companies which manufacture these console tv are RCA, Quasar, Sony, Zenith and Panasonic there are much more companies out there in early era which manufacturer these CRT tv sets but these are the main company which are popular at that era for there product service and durability

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